What is your catch policy?

In most instances, the Fishing on Maui sport fishing boats will fillet your catch and provide you with enough fish to enjoy while visiting here in Hawaii.  If you are considering packing your catch and shipping it home, you are on your own.  There are no processing or shipping services on Hawaii that can ship your fish home.

Tag and release billfish is per request.  If that is your intention, please let the captain know so you understand the policy.

 Does the boat have a restroom?

Yes.  The boats have clean and comfortable restrooms.


No_license_required Is a fishing license required? 

No.  A fishing license is not required for all recreational fishing in Hawaii.


Do I need to bring tackle?

All of Fishing on Maui sport fishing boats provide the tackle and bait.

 How many people can go on the charter?

 Fishing on Maui sport fishing boats have a maximum of six people (not including the crew).  We do have a couple of boats that are able to accommodate more than six.

What should I bring?

You should bring enough food and drinks to last for the day.  The boat will provide ice and coolers.  A light jacket or long-sleeved shirt, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended.

 What should I wear?

We suggest you wear very light clothing such as shorts and T-shirt, hat, polarized sunglasses, and, if possible, some sort of deck shoe.

 What type of sunscreen should I bring?

We advocate an SPF 30 or higher.  Don’t forget to also apply it to your lips, noses, knees and feet!!


Is drinking (alcoholic beverages) allowed?              

Yes, if you wish, but please respect our request that you drink in moderation.  And, please, no glass containers.


  Is smoking allowed?

 Yes, you may smoke aboard; however, we ask that you smoke outside only.


What not to bring on the Boat – BANANAS!!

 Superstition has it – any kind of bananas, i.e., banana muffins, banana cake, banana pudding, or even banana boat suntan lotion – NOTHING BANANA is allowed on the boat because it brings bad luck!!!  Days of old tells a tale that boats carrying banana cargo ran aground, became lost at sea and/or lost crew members due to sickness and disease.